Why is it So Hard to Get Hired?

Finding employment in today’s competitive job market can feel like navigating a maze of challenges. Despite being qualified and eager, many candidates find themselves facing roadblocks that hinder their chances of getting hired. Let’s delve into the common pain points candidates encounter and explore actionable solutions to overcome them. 1. Looking in the Wrong Place… Read more »

The Great Resignation Turning Into The Great Regret?

The Great Resignation was a hot topic in the news, as a large number of employees decided to quit their jobs due to a variety of reasons, including burnout, lack of career growth, and work-life balance. However, not all employees who participated in the Great Resignation have found their post-job life to be satisfying. Some… Read more »

How to Cope With a Workplace Bully

Bullying doesn’t necessarily end on the playground. Many who bully as children grow to continue bullying others as an adult. It can be disheartening and frustrating to be on the receiving end of workplace bullying behavior. Still, there are ways you can better cope and manage such behavior within your experience. Here is a brief… Read more »

Have an Internal Disparity Between First Shift and Other Shifts? Here’s How to Solve It

Shift work is an exercise in organization and coordination. Finding the right people to work the right shifts, and making sure their work is complementary and seamless across time frames is critical to making sure the job gets done and it gets done at the level of quality your clients expect. As a manager looking… Read more »

Is Your Company Prepared for an Emergency?

Imagine if there were a natural disaster, or a high-level security breach. How would your business be impacted? Do you know what your emergency plan is? Many companies are operating on the assumption they’ll simply deal with situations as they occur. Or if they do have an emergency plan; it is unhelpful – or worse,… Read more »