How to Address Your Unemployment Time in Your Next Interview?

Are you worried about any gaps in your resume? The impression your work history leaves with employers is an important one. But also consider that the past year has resulted in more periods of unemployment for otherwise stable employees than ever before. Employers are more understanding of employment gaps given the COVID-19 pandemic, but you… Read more »

5 Ways You’ll Get Caught in a Resume Lie

It can be tempting to exaggerate or pad a resume to make it more relevant for a role you are especially interested in. But the risk of doing so is pretty high. There are many ways a hiring manager can spot a resume liar, so be careful. Here are just a few ways you can… Read more »

Summer Interview Attire Guide

The weather in Tennessee is warming up and the hotter days are here. The temps keep climbing, but you still need to look professional at your interview. It doesn’t matter if you are applying for a warehouse job or an office position. Professionalism shines through in how you present yourself in an interview. This post… Read more »

How do You Write a Resume for a High School Graduate?

School’s out! You want to get some work experience but have very little or no actual work history.  Here are some tips for what to put on your resume to help you catch your future employer’s eye.   Feature Your Education and Achievements  One of the advantages of LinkedIn, when compared to your resume, is that… Read more »

What Should I do if I miss my Interview?

Hopefully, you didn’t intentionally miss your interview, but we all know that life happens sometimes. What should you do if it really is out of your control?  Here are the steps you need to help rebound if you missed your interview – whatever the reason.   Acknowledge and Overcome the Mistake  Whatever happened that made… Read more »

What is an Inventory Clerk?

Inventory control is one of the most critical roles in the warehouse industry. But you might not know what an inventory clerk actually does or what training and education can help you succeed. This blog will provide an overview of the job, common duties of an inventory clerk, as well as the basic requirements to be… Read more »

Forklift or Lift?

2 men at a forklift having a conversation

Forklifts are a common, highly valued piece of equipment used to transport and handle heavy loads in warehouses and businesses across America. In fact, they are widely found in warehouses, agricultural, military, construction, and industrial job sites all over the world.  Lifts are also frequently used, highly in demand, and a critical tool in many… Read more »

Spring Clean Your Social Media Presence

Few things can kill your job prospects like an unprofessional social media presence. When you are on the hunt for a new job, your social media profiles are just as important as your resume. With spring finally upon us, now is the perfect time to spruce up your social media profiles to make sure you… Read more »

How Hard is it to get Forklift Certified?

Forklifts are a common, highly valued piece of machinery. They are used for the transportation and handling of heavy loads in warehouses and businesses across America. In fact, they are widely found in warehouses, agricultural, military, construction and industrial job sites worldwide.  As such, forklift operators are in high demand. To do their job, operators… Read more »

Keys to Loading Dock Safety

Every job has its own unique risks and hazards. Knowing what to prepare for and how to avoid those risks where possible is an important part of leading from a safety mindset. Safety is everyone’s responsibility at the end of the day. But if you’re not careful, you can really give yourself an injury on… Read more »