The Great Resignation Turning Into The Great Regret?


The Great Resignation was a hot topic in the news, as a large number of employees decided to quit their jobs due to a variety of reasons, including burnout, lack of career growth, and work-life balance. However, not all employees who participated in the Great Resignation have found their post-job life to be satisfying. Some have come to regret their decision and find themselves in a difficult situation where they want their job back but can’t get rehired. If you find yourself in this situation, here are some steps you can take to move your career forward. 

Reflect on Your Decision 

First and foremost, take some time to reflect on your decision to leave your job in the first place. What were the reasons behind your decision? Was it due to burnout, lack of growth opportunities, or personal reasons? Did you consider other options before resigning, such as discussing your concerns with your manager or HR? By reflecting on your decision, you may gain some insights and learnings that can help you make a better decision moving forward. 

Reach Out to Your Former Employer 

If you have come to regret your decision to resign, consider reaching out to your former employer to express your interest in returning to your job. However, keep in mind that there may be several reasons why your former employer may not be able to rehire you, such as budget constraints or a hiring freeze. If you do reach out, be professional and respectful, and don’t assume that you’ll be able to get your job back. 

Consider Other Opportunities 

If you’re unable to get your job back, consider other opportunities that align with your career goals and interests. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile, and start networking with colleagues and industry professionals. Attend job fairs, conferences, and events to meet new people and learn about new opportunities. Consider taking on freelance or contract work to gain new experiences and skills. The best way to get your career back on track is to work with a dedicated staffing partner like All-Star Personnel. We can help you find your next job quickly and efficiently.  

Invest in Your Professional Development 

One way to move your career forward is to invest in your professional development. Take courses, attend workshops or seminars, or pursue a certification in your field. Join a professional association or industry group to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in your industry. Investing in your professional development can help you become a more competitive candidate for job opportunities and can demonstrate your commitment to your career. 

Take Care of Your Well-Being 

Finally, take care of your well-being. If you left your job due to burnout or stress, it’s important to take time to rest and recharge. Practice self-care activities such as exercise, meditation, or spending time with loved ones. Consider seeking the support of a therapist or counselor to help you process your feelings and emotions. Taking care of your well-being can help you feel more grounded and focused, which can benefit you both personally and professionally. 

If you regret your decision to participate in the Great Resignation, there are several steps you can take to move your career forward. Remember that the decision to leave your job is a personal one, and it’s important to make choices that align with your career goals and personal values.

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