When and How to Include Your GPA on Your Resume

This one goes out to all the recent graduates who will be entering the workforce! As you begin the job search process, you may be wondering whether or not to include your GPA on your resume. After all, you worked hard for that GPA and you want to show potential employers that you have what… Read more »

How to Cope With a Workplace Bully

Bullying doesn’t necessarily end on the playground. Many who bully as children grow to continue bullying others as an adult. It can be disheartening and frustrating to be on the receiving end of workplace bullying behavior. Still, there are ways you can better cope and manage such behavior within your experience. Here is a brief… Read more »

Why a Boring Job Doesn’t Mean You Need a Boring Resume

Your resume is like your business card in the world of online job applications. Employers likely don’t know much about you as a candidate until you hand them one little piece of paper. And that one document is your chance to make an impression. You can make that impression in the information you provide, the… Read more »