Why is it So Hard to Get Hired?

Finding employment in today’s competitive job market can feel like navigating a maze of challenges. Despite being qualified and eager, many candidates find themselves facing roadblocks that hinder their chances of getting hired. Let’s delve into the common pain points candidates encounter and explore actionable solutions to overcome them. 1. Looking in the Wrong Place… Read more »

Questions You Should Ask a Hiring Manager in Your Next Interview

When a hiring manager asks if you have any questions, you should always ask a few questions. Being prepared with a list of questions shows you are engaged and interested in the job. So the question is, what do you ask? What do you want to know? Here’s a list of great questions to help… Read more »

Why Job Searching Is Just Like Dating

A job search is actually a lot like dating when you think about it. There is a lot of pressure to find the right job, to attract the right attention, and to show up as your best self. Here are a few lessons you can take from our experience with recruiting and matching the right… Read more »

Attending a Job Fair, How to Prepare

Attending a job fair is a great way to make some new connections, learn about new job opportunities in your area, and even get in some interview practice. But you don’t want to show up unprepared to make the most of those opportunities. Consider attending a job fair to be a precursor to the interview… Read more »