Which Shift Is Best?

Shift work is any schedule that is different from the typical 9-5 workday. This can include working evenings, nights, weekends, or rotating shifts. Each type of shift work has its own set of benefits and it’s important for job seekers to understand these benefits in order to make a decision about which shift is best… Read more »

Follow Up to Help Your Chances in the Job Search

Congratulations! You’ve successfully managed to attract the attention of a hiring manager with a stellar resume and cover letter. Better yet, you’ve presented yourself well during the interview and feel that you made a good connection with your prospective employer! Now what? Do you sit back and just wait for the phone to ring? Of… Read more »

Follow the Directions When Applying for a Job

It sounds simple but a lot of people make basic mistakes when applying for a job. Don’t give a company the opportunity to eliminate you for a preventable mistake. Here are a number of things we see at All-Star Personnel that many candidates fail to do when applying for a job. Show Employers Your Commitment… Read more »