Follow Up to Help Your Chances in the Job Search


Congratulations! You’ve successfully managed to attract the attention of a hiring manager with a stellar resume and cover letter. Better yet, you’ve presented yourself well during the interview and feel that you made a good connection with your prospective employer! Now what? Do you sit back and just wait for the phone to ring?

Of course not. Following up after an interview is a key part of the application process. Not bothering to follow up shows an employer you are not that interested in the opportunity or you are simply too passive to reach out. Thoughtful yet unobtrusive follow-up communication can help you make a good impression and also provide you with more information about the job and interview process. How you follow up can really help your chances of landing the position. All-Star Personnel shares great tips to keep in mind as you reach out to your interviewer.

A Quick Thank You

A brief emailed or hand written thank-you note is a nice way to remind interviewers of their conversation with. When a manager interviews multiple candidates on a day, you want to follow up with something simple and polite to cement your conversation in their memory. An effective thank-you note doesn’t need to be extravagant – thank the interviewer for their time, and tell them that you enjoyed speaking with them. This thank-you note should be sent shortly after the interview to ensure your conversation with them remains top of mind.

While seemingly simple, you should think of this follow-up activity as a way to really show your professionalism and personality. Avoid reminding them to contact you regarding the results of the interview, and consider ending the note with a simple “I hope to see you again soon.” You don’t want to come across as pushy or entitled, but gracious for their time and consideration.

Keep in Touch with Your Recruiter

If you are working through a staffing agency, you have a significant resource at your disposal in the follow-up process. After sending a simple thank-you email, you should follow up directly with your recruiter to tell them how the interview went, get their feedback and check in on progress. Think of your recruiter as a job counselor and your best advocate in the interview process. If you would like any feedback on your performance on an interview, they are a great resource. Recruiters can often tell you how the interviewer thought you did in the interview and even give you tips on how to better prepare in the future.

Check In As Needed

It’s a good idea to work closely with your recruiter when checking in on the progress of your application. They really are your best advocate in the hiring process. But don’t feel that you no longer have any say in the decision-making process. Simple check-ins at appropriate times (such as after the point when your interviewer said they would have made a decision by) show your interest in the position as well as your ability to follow up on projects.

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