Follow the Directions When Applying for a Job


It sounds simple but a lot of people make basic mistakes when applying for a job. Don’t give a company the opportunity to eliminate you for a preventable mistake. Here are a number of things we see at All-Star Personnel that many candidates fail to do when applying for a job.

Show Employers Your Commitment

By thoroughly reading and following the unique instructions given in a job application, you are showing a prospective employer that you are serious about the application. Employers often receive hundreds of applications and they are not looking for someone who doesn’t have the time or attention span to fill out their application properly. They are looking for the qualified applicants who are interested in working for them specifically, those who will likely make loyal and effective employees.

Ask for Clarification if Needed

While in the midst of filling out multiple job applications, it can get a little monotonous, but don’t let yourself get lazy. If you really want the job, show it by following the directions given in the application. If you are confused, it is perfectly all right to ask for clarification. In fact, reaching out and asking for clarification shows your interest in getting it right and likely puts you in more direct contact with the people who will be evaluating your application. Putting a face or voice to a name on a resume may actually benefit your chances in the application process.

It’s Not Just a Test

Many employers are looking specifically for candidates who are good listeners and who are committed enough to the job to fully read and follow given instructions. This isn’t just a preference for preference’s sake, it can be a matter of the success of a project or even the safety of employees and the community.

Don’t Jump the Gun

Sometimes a job application or emailed directions can be long and confusing. Even if you are excited and want to get your application in as soon as humanly possible, don’t jump the gun and submit the form before you are completely sure you are answering all questions completely and appropriately. This may mean hitting save and just giving that email one more read through later. Or if you really want to make a good impression, send it along to a friend or mentor who can read through it and provide suggestions to making your responses even better.

References and Samples

Sometimes, the hardest part of filling out a job application is providing the extra information that a client may be interested in. But don’t let the difficulty distract you from following the directions to the best of your ability. When an employer is looking for references or samples of your past work, they are doing so because it is these extras which will likely be the key differences between candidates. Failing to provide them when asked is as bad as telling an interviewer that you should get the job simply because you think you should. Bottom line, give them what they ask for, or you’re just shortchanging yourself.

If you need help finding your next employment opportunity for jobs in Murfreesboro and throughout Tennessee, contact All-Star Personnel, and our recruiting team will go to work on finding you a great fit for your skill set.


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