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Getting to know your recruiter helps to really personalize the job placement experience here at All-Star Personnel. Our team of recruiters understands how to navigate the local job market. We have close relationships with our clients who need talented individuals like yourself to grow their business and meet the needs of their customers.  

Today we’re talking with recruiter Linda McCullough. She’s been working with us at All-Star Personnel for three years and brings a passion for recruiting that can help you find your next exciting opportunity.  

Linda has a diverse background in accounting and human resources so she knows what it takes to get business done. Her hometown is Gallatin, TN, and she loves spending time with her family. Here’s even more about what makes her such a great staffing partner for candidates like yourself. 

What inspired you to become a recruiter? 

Family is so important to me. I wanted to help employees find a career in order to help provide for their families.  

Tell us about how you help a job seeker when they are out on assignment. 

I ask a lot of questions and really try to find out about an employee’s past experiences with previous employers to best find a new job for them.  

What’s your best tip for someone who is a new temporary associate? 

Go into the job with a positive attitude. Make sure you have great attendance. Bring a great work ethic and you will succeed.  

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I really enjoy being able to help an employee find the right job for them and seeing them go full time with that client. That’s the most rewarding thing for me as a recruiter.  

In your opinion, what makes a great associate? 

It’s all about having a great work ethic. Someone who’s willing to work hard every day is going to really make a strong impression. 

All-Star Personnel’s Recruiters Can Help You Find The Best Job For Your Skills 

For more great advice from recruiters like Linda and for help finding exciting third-shift jobs in Nashville, TN, connect with the recruiting team at All-Star Personnel. You can become a part of the All-Star Army today! 

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