How To Identify and Address An Unsafe Coworker

Maintaining a safe and secure work environment is essential for the well-being and productivity of every employee. Unfortunately, there may be instances where a coworker’s behavior or actions pose potential risks to others. Identifying and addressing an unsafe coworker is crucial to foster a culture of safety and protect the overall welfare of the workforce…. Read more »

Trends For Job Seekers in 2023

Thinking of changing things up this year and switching jobs? The job market of tomorrow is a very different one from that of a year ago. No longer are we looking at the war for talent that we saw last year. But at the same time, skilled workers are still in high demand. While we… Read more »

Meet Your Recruiter – Linda McCullough!

Getting to know your recruiter helps to really personalize the job placement experience here at All-Star Personnel. Our team of recruiters understands how to navigate the local job market. We have close relationships with our clients who need talented individuals like yourself to grow their business and meet the needs of their customers.   Today we’re… Read more »

Does Your Cover Letter Include These Must-Have Features?

You should treat your cover letters like your very first introduction to an employer. They are your “toe-in-the-door” moment where you can either impress or lose your audience, your future employer. With that in mind, you need to make sure that your cover letter presents your qualifications and professionalism in the best possible light. Here… Read more »