How to Find “Hidden” Jobs in Nashville


Are you tired of sending your resume into what seems like endless online job forums without getting so much as a thank you for your application? It can seem like a truly thankless task. But even worse is how every job listing must receive hundreds if not thousands of applications. Focusing on ways your resume can stand out from the crowd is a great way to overcome that challenge. Better yet, find the jobs that are “hidden” from the average job seeker and make sure your application is on the top of the pile. Here are some tips to help you find and gain access to the “hidden” jobs of Nashville, TN.  

What is a Hidden Job Market? 

First off, we want to answer the question of what even is a hidden job market? This term simply refers to those jobs which have not yet been publicly advertised. This helps employers save money on listing fees, or even time spend digging through those hundreds of applications public job postings receive. Employers want one thing. They want qualified candidates quickly. To get those candidates in front of their hiring managers, sometimes the smart thing to do is to hire internally or rely on employee referrals to find the right people fast.  

How to Gain Access 

As with most things in career growth, your professional network is critical to gaining access to hidden job opportunities. When a job comes along that you are especially qualified for, having someone in your network to recommend you for that job is incredibly valuable. Here are a few ways you can leverage your professional network to gain access to jobs not yet publicly available. 

  1. Work with a Staffing Agency

Working with a recruiter is the easiest way to find and apply for those hidden jobs. Staffing firms have access to jobs before they are even considered open. Their clients count on them to have a steady flow of qualified talent who they can draw from to fill open positions with minimal effort. If you haven’t connected with a staffing firm like All-Star Personnel, consider it your fast track to the hidden job market of Nashville and beyond.  

  1. Join Networking Groups

Whether you’re on LinkedIn or not, professional networking groups can be a great way to build out your network. Look for groups relevant to your field of work, or to the industry you are looking to join. By attending events or contributing to online forums, you can quickly build up a name for yourself within the context of a good future hire. You never know where your next job will come from, so be sure to cast a wide net so that you’re the first candidate who comes to mind when a new opportunity arises.  

  1. Keep Your Profile Up to Date

Make sure your resume and your online presence is up to date and ready to do the work for you. That means your social and professional accounts. Because you never know when the opportunity will arise. Recruiters and hiring managers may be looking for candidates even before posting a job to the website. Even just updating your information can give your profile that little push to get in front of the right audience to position you for future opportunities. Make sure you put in the effort and it’ll serve you well in the long term.  

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