The 101 on Job References

As a job seeker, you know that putting together a solid resume and cover letter is just the beginning of the job search process. When it comes time for the hiring manager to make their final decision, they may want to speak with your job references to get a better sense of your work experience… Read more »

How to Find “Hidden” Jobs in Nashville

Are you tired of sending your resume into what seems like endless online job forums without getting so much as a thank you for your application? It can seem like a truly thankless task. But even worse is how every job listing must receive hundreds if not thousands of applications. Focusing on ways your resume… Read more »

What Work Life Balance Means Moving Forward

The boundaries between work and life have become substantially blurrier in recent years. Even more so given the massive shift to remote work for those who can. Working from home more often means that those boundaries set by a commute and home from the office are no longer there. Home is now also your office… Read more »

3 More Resolutions to Make This Year

Resolutions don’t need to be made on the 1st of the year. Here are three more resolutions you can make that will significantly improve your career development this year, and you can start working on them whenever is convenient for you. So, here’s to the new year and a better you in 2020.   Master A… Read more »

Conquering Your Pre-Interview Jitters

It can be hard not to be nervous when going into an interview, particularly if it’s for a job you really want. Nerves can even be a good thing some times. Employers like to see a few jitters in their applicants because it’s a sign that they really want the position. But there’s a fine… Read more »