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Mobile recruiting has quickly become one of the fastest-growing recruiting strategies for businesses today. Why? Because everyone is using their mobile devices to do business today. As a job seeker, you might be surprised how easy it is to find your next job on a phone. But mobile use and professional networking are the perfect complement to each other.

Employers know that smartphones are becoming the number one platform from which people access social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Therefore, that same technology is an excellent opportunity to connect with talent that are not looking at traditional recruitment channels. Here is what you can expect from mobile recruiting to help find your next job right on your phone.

Mobile Optimization of Job Boards

It has become clear that companies who are aware of how mobile phone use affects the readability of their online content are better prepared for this shift in technology use. This includes their recruiting efforts. For example, one of Google’s recent updates gives emphasis and priority within their search function to websites which are optimized for mobile viewing as well as the standard desktop format. So, don’t be afraid to look for jobs on job boards right from your phone. Chances are that those websites are optimized for mobile use and you never know when you’ll find your next job.

Mobile Recruiting Platforms

If you haven’t explored the opportunities of mobile recruiting apps, you are seriously missing out. In today’s job market, the minute a job hits a board, candidates will start applying. Mobile recruiting platforms provide the ease and convenience of applying to a job from your desktop wherever and whenever the right job comes along. The latest mobile recruiting platforms provide recruiters and hiring managers with a simpler and quicker way to review candidates, sort through applications and resumes more efficiently, and communicate directly with their top picks, all from their smartphones or tablets. So make sure you are ready with the right application material to get their attention fast.

The Industry Rise of Mobile Recruiting

Just as it took a little while for smartphones and tablets to become common within the business world, so too it will take a little time for mobile recruiting to become the standard. But already so much progress has been made in this space. The convenience and opportunities provided by mobile recruiting applications and programs have made it clear that this is an industry-wide revolution. The growing familiarity and everyday use of mobile technology for personal entertainment and communication have paved the way for recruiting through social media, apps, and even messaging. To make sure you capitalize on this growth and innovation, take advantage of the powerful computer you carry with you throughout the day. See where your phone can take your career by embracing a mobile-friendly job search.

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