Want to Work in a Small Business? Tennessee Is No. 1 in the Country to Find That Job!


Tennessee’s economy has seen some of the best growth in the country the last past few years. In fact, it will reach its longest sustained period of growth in the post-World War II era in 2019 and, barring an unforeseen economic shock, what has looked like a lengthy recovery for the job growth within the state, isn’t expected to slip into a downturn or recession for at least the next couple of years, according to the state’s top economists. Tennessee’s jobless rate this spring fell to the lowest level in modern history as the economy continued to grow as the recovery approaches its 10th anniversary of sustained growth this month. The state’s 3.2 percent jobless rate in April was well below the U.S. rate of 3.6 percent and the state’s Career Centers continue to list more open jobs than the number of unemployed persons still looking for work in Tennessee.

But if you are looking for a job in the realm of small business, numbers like that might feel like they don’t speak directly to you. Worry not though, because Tennessee is a national hotspot for some of the most exciting small business opportunities of the decade. Tennessee leads the nation in small business job growth, according to a new payroll survey of small businesses by Paychex Inc. Here’s a look at where that growth is coming from, and where we expect it to linger soon.

New Tech

Beyond the incoming wave of big tech Amazon employees, tech startups, in particular, appear to be part of Nashville’s long-term job growth. As more and more industries become increasingly dependent on technological improvements, the companies providing opportunities in technical and supporting roles are rising to fill the demand. Nashville is seen as a strong economy for growth in the tech industry due to the presence of several colleges and universities supplying graduates who are looking to join young and growing companies.

Nashville’s Manufacturing Sector

While Nashville’s tech scene is likely at the epicenter of this regional economic boom, manufacturing is another industry that is seeing aggressive growth and subsequent increases in staffing demand. When companies are struggling to find the right people for the jobs they need to be filled quickly, they turn to staffing partners to find them the talent to get the job done. That’s why working with an agency like All-Star can make a big difference in helping you find the right opportunity for your career change. Our team of industry experts knows all the demands and opportunities in a hot market like Nashville. And we work tirelessly to match the right person for the job.

A Good Environment for Small Businesses

Tennessee’s relatively low taxes and regulations make the state attractive for small business growth. The ability to spin up a small business or dive into entrepreneurship within the state means that more companies are willing to take the risk, start from scratch and make a name for themselves in the state of Tennessee. That means small businesses are competing hard for the state’s top talent and candidates can really find the work that makes sense for their career.

Find the Best Jobs in Tennessee 

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