Holiday Demand Is Coming – How Can Your Business Prepare Now?


As we move along the year, the holiday season may still seem far away. But when it comes to preparation, now is the time to get workforce planning locked and your seasonal teams ready to roll. Here are three things you need to do to get your business ready.

Review Past Workforce Demands

The need for more employees during the holidays is unique to your business. How many people you’ve hired in the past, how prepared you’ve been for the influx of work during that time, and how much you invested in those extra workers will all influence your decision on how many workers you will need this year. If you hired for more than you needed last year, but expect to have the same amount of work, including that information in your planning at this point so as not to over (or under) staff this holiday season.

Rethink Your Hiring Process

When considering hiring seasonal employees, it is important to assess the business, and related workflows, to make sure that tasks are set up in a way most conducive to hire, train, and draw productivity out of seasonal employees quickly and efficiently. This includes, but may not be limited to, identifying work which either doesn’t require an extended learning curve or work where training documents and support exists for rapid ramp up. Seasonal employees, as the name suggests, often don’t have a lot of time to fully immerse in the business and learn about the end to end workflow prior to being productive. They are often expected to come in and start delivering results even though they only have a very limited knowledge about the business requirements. Therefore, most businesses which have been successful in deriving the most value from seasonal employees do so by minimizing the onboarding cost and having a good understanding of efficient training resources available for the seasonal employees.

Partner with Your Staffing Provider

While seasonal employees are with the company for a short period of time, it is important to recognize this as an excellent opportunity to identify the key individuals who are fast learners, passionate about the business, are eager to have an impact, and are a good cultural fit for the organization. Some of the seasonal employees form the best full-time employees if given the opportunity. All seasonal employees are required to understand the aspects of the business to be productive. They are often also required to interact with the customers and represent the company in a positive and professional manner. This presents a great extended interview opportunity which offers a lot more context than a typical short interview process as well as multiple concrete data points using the actual deliverables.

Work With All-Star Personnel to Partner with a Top Staffing Agency in Middle Tennessee

We’re here to help you find the right people for the job, whether it’s holiday staffing or long-term contracts that fit your business need. Connect with the team at All-Star Personnel to learn more about what options would best serve you this holiday season to fill the best jobs in Tennessee.

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