Is Your Next Job on Social Media?


Social media has increasingly become a powerful tool for employers to communicate with and recruit industry-leading talent. As a job candidate, you should be using social media to your advantage. If you’re not quite sure where to start incorporating this new medium into your job search, All-Star Personnel will discuss a number of ways you can improve your job search results by harnessing the power of social media.

Use Social Media to Find Job Postings

If you are being strategic in your job search, you know that connecting with specific companies who you are most interested in working for can be a great way to learn about upcoming job opportunities before they become available to the public. Social media can provide that insider knowledge, as well. Many companies mention new or upcoming jobs to their fans on social media prior to posting an official job description on their website. They do this because it is an easy and expedient way to reach candidates who are most passionate about their company. By following your target companies on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you can get an early “heads up” when they post a new job online. Any early warning can put you miles ahead of your competition, particularly for in-demand jobs.

Engage with Employers Online

Similarly, employers will often interact online with candidates who they know are interested in working for them before the application process even officially begins. Hiring managers will often review applicants’ social media profiles (particularly LinkedIn for insight into previous work history and professional accomplishments). By engaging with an employer online, you are essentially drawing additional attention to your application and setting yourself apart from the talent pool. Of course, any chance to get your toe in the door is a definite advantage in a hot job market.

Update Your Profile

When making connections with employers online, you must make sure that your application is pristine and that you are qualified for the job, but also that your digital presence is going to present you in the most professional manner possible. Make sure your resume and employment history on LinkedIn is up to date and relevant to the job you are targeting. Furthermore, make sure that your personal social media accounts are not going to turn off an employer interested in learning whether you would be a good fit for their team. Keep in mind that everything you say or post online can have an impact on what an employer thinks about your qualifications for a job.

Use Your Network

Lastly, your connections on social media could very well help you find that next great opportunity in your career. If you share that you are looking for a job, you expand your reach exponentially. Using your personal and professional network to help you pinpoint employers who are looking for candidates with your experience not only puts your resume in front of a hiring manager, but gives you an easy reference as well.

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