Help! I Don’t Know What Job I Want!

If you are on the younger side of things, you might be wondering how do you even find your career path? This is a very common question for job seekers of all ages actually. And the truth is that everyone does it their own way. Here are a few helpful pieces of advice that can help… Read more »

What If A Job Isn’t Right for Me?

You’re Hired! Great – but what if you start your new job, and then you decide that job isn’t for you? It’s hard enough to know when to start looking for greener pastures, particularly when leaving your job. In an ideal world, employees would stay with their employers for the length of their careers. However,… Read more »

Is Your Next Job on Social Media?

Social media has increasingly become a powerful tool for employers to communicate with and recruit industry-leading talent. As a job candidate, you should be using social media to your advantage. If you’re not quite sure where to start incorporating this new medium into your job search, All-Star Personnel will discuss a number of ways you… Read more »