Ghosting an Interview


As a job seeker, one of the worst things you can do is ghost on an interview. This might not seem like such a big deal, especially when many employers are equally guilty of this behavior. But it’s in your best interest to follow up and represent yourself in a professional manner. Here’s why you should never ghost a hiring manager on an interview and how it can ruin your professional reputation.   

What is Ghosting? 

A common frustration of hiring managers and employers, in general, is that job candidates ghost or disappear when you least expect it. This could be at the interview stage or even after receiving a job offer. Someone who ghosts an employer or just simply not responding once a commitment of some kind is established, is risking their reputation within the industry. The fact is that recruiters and hiring managers work in a relatively small circle. If they see that you are not respectful of their time and attention in the interview or recruitment process, you can be sure that word will get around.  

What Ghosting Tells Employers 

Employers are looking for talent who is committed and professional, but also responsible and respectful of those they work with. If you are ghosting a potential employer, even if it’s because you received a better offer elsewhere, you are showing that employer that you do not value their esteem or their time. That lack of professionalism can be a hit to your record now but also in the future. So, be wary of what you are telling employers by not telling them anything at all.  

What to Do Instead 

What should you do instead of ghosting on a prospective employer? Be responsive and responsible. If they email you asking follow-up questions, be upfront about your expectations and your interests. If you are not available for a position they are offering, say so. Thank them for their time and allow them to move on. If you are not sure about an opportunity, consider going on the interview anyways. You never know where you can make a new connection or you might be surprised and find the job of your dreams.  

If you know you are not interested in an opportunity, politely decline the invitation to interview. It is enough simply to say it’s not the right fit for you at the current time. Any hiring manager will understand and appreciate the transparency you provide them.  

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