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It is often in times of change, of disruption and challenge, when opportunities suddenly become available. Long term employment success often depends on your response to those challenges. Are you someone who looks for opportunities in change? Have you seen how your job can evolve, given the disruption multiple industries are currently experiencing? Today, you can do several things to help ensure long-term employment success in even the most tumultuous employment environments.    

Now Is Your Moment  

While many have found their old careers disrupted due to workplace closures and business challenges associated with the global pandemic, the truth is that many of the best jobs and shifts are available to those looking for them now. Now is in fact the best time to set yourself up for future success. Consider this getting back to work moment the opportunity to be next up at bat in baseball. If your dream employer is looking for someone to fill a critical position, but they don’t really know where to look, now is your chance to say, this is what I’ve been waiting for. But don’t wait too long to jump up and raise your hand. The best positions and shifts will go fast. But if you can be proactive and anticipate what employers are looking for in their back to work team, you can be a clear winner in the game.   

Understand and Anticipate Risk  

Because we are slowly coming out of a very risk-intolerant time in the US, many other candidates will be dragging their feet before returning to work. But for those willing and able to accept more risk in terms of virus exposure, now is a critical moment to grow within their careers. Taking advantage of these opportunities as businesses begin to reopen can be a key driver in your career growth and success. But for that opportunity to be worthwhile, you need to understand your risk tolerance. Are you or is anyone in your immediate family considered high risk in terms of exposure to COVID-19? Do you live with or care for aging relatives who may be more likely to require hospitalization if they are infected? Do you yourself have any conditions such as diabetes or heart problems that would make you more at risk of complications or hospitalization? Do you have the resources available to you and your family to manage if you were to get sick? These risk factors should heavily influence your decision to go back to work, or what work you choose to pursue right now. Without understanding what you are willing to put on the line, you don’t really know what you may be sacrificing for the chance at your next job.   

What makes this all so much more challenging is that we don’t have a crystal ball to tell us when, if ever, the world will be able to return to normal. Will it take several years to develop a vaccine? Will social distancing become a regular part of modern life? Will there be a second wave of infections later this year that require additional restrictions on businesses and lifestyles? We don’t know. But what we do know is that you should reach for those opportunities that are available to you. And now is a critical moment in many peoples lives. Know what you are looking for, then go out and get it.   

Find a Safe Job 

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