Temp To Hire – Leave Your Best Impression To Get Hired


Looking for a way to convert temporary work opportunities into a full time, salaried position? There’s a lot to consider. Temporary work is not what it used to be, and contracts are often now extended based on project length, business need, and proof of a skilled and committed worker. The best way to turn a contract into a regular position with a company is really to leave a strong impression with the employer that you are the right person for the job long term.  

Companies are always struggling to find skilled employees who know the business and who are eager to make a difference. Once they see a temp worker’s potential, it’s possible to convert a temporary position into a long-term contract. Here are a few tips to work your way in the door.  

Deliver Exceptional and Reliable Service During Your Contract 

Temporary workers are notoriously under committed. It’s one of the reasons some employers are hesitant to work with them. They see that those who have limited investment in the job are less likely to be reliable or put in their best effort. But that level of effort and commitment certainly won’t help you make a good impression if you are looking to turn your temporary gig into a longterm career. Be as reliable as you possibly can so that when the time comes to fish or cut bait, your employer knows they can depend on you. 

Understand the Implications of a Temporary Timeline  

Many employers look to hire from their temporary rosters once employees have had a chance to prove their value or find another contract with a better fit. The rule of thumb for employers to hire temporary workers full time is about 3 to 6 months. That gives both parties enough time to figure out whether the relationship is mutually beneficial if the culture or personality is a good fit, and if the work is meeting everyone’s expectations. The best way to turn a temp job into a permanent position is to use those 3 to 6 months to the best of your advantage. Work hard to show your worth to your employer. Make an impact and record your successes so that when your trial period ends, you can speak to why they should bring you on full time. If you are a good fit, it won’t require too much convincing.  

Confirm Opportunity for Growth

Before you fully invest in taking on a temp job in hopes of converting it into a permanent position with that company, make sure you know whether that is even an option. Some companies hire temporary workers because their jobs are uniquely project-based. Once a project ends, that position no longer exists, and the chances of conversion to full-time regular employment stats are negligible at best until another project comes along. Some companies might also have staffing policies that expressly prohibit the hiring of temporary workers, but that’s much less common. The main thing is to ask and communicate your expectations so that everyone is on the same page from day one.  

Network Within the Larger Organization 

One of the most valuable parts of working on a contract job is the people you meet and the connections you make. Expanding your professional network is difficult when you are not working. Still, in temporary positions, you are more likely to make many new acquaintances and hopefully leave them all with a good impression. Think of it as an opportunity to meet your next employer, even if it’s not with your current company. 

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