Nearly 100 People Per Day Are Moving to Nashville. Where Can You Find Jobs?


Nashville is an amazing opportunity if you are looking to relocate for work. If you feel like you have hit a wall in your local job search and are considering making a change, Nashville is an excellent choice. Here’s why.

A Long-Term Strong Job Market

The Nashville job market has been growing at an impressive rate, but as yet there aren’t enough job seekers in the applicant pool to fill the demand. Overall job growth is was 2.1 percent from June 2017 to June 2018, and 4 percent in May 2016 through May 2017. Usually, when a community experiences that level of job growth for a prolonged period of time, the regional job seekers are quick to move into the area and take up the open jobs. But Nashville continues to struggle to fill these roles, which has resulted in the slowdown of job growth within the region. This makes it a prime location for job seekers, despite a supposed slowdown in growth. Overall, this demand for workers is not expected to reduce any time soon. In fact, Nashville is still outpacing national employment growth of 1.7 percent over the past year.

A Strong Housing Market

The housing market in Nashville is helping to make the region a solid choice for relocation as well. Affordability is still well above national and state averages in terms of income compared to home prices. Wage data is showing that overall the market still has some room to grow, so the region as a whole is projected to continue on its upward trajectory. Affordable housing and projected job market growth make Nashville a near ideal location for relocation, unlike some other areas which are experiencing similar demand for talent but have exclusionary housing prices which make moving into the area difficult for new hires.

Nashville’s New Residents

As companies and individuals with higher-paying jobs find themselves doing better and better, they inevitably spend money in other industries, thus creating a trickle-down effect of increased prosperity and job growth. The fast-paced development that Nashville is currently experiencing has resulted in new hotels, restaurants, tech startups, and a slew of other businesses eagerly snatching up real estate. As is widely experienced when this level of development occurs, the economic growth has a widespread impact on other industries, including hospitality, health care, and support services. In that same period of June 2017 to June 2018, Nashville experienced an enormous number of average 94 new arrivals daily. It’s this influx of workers which is sustaining this level of development and regional economic growth.

Nashville’s New Manufacturing Sector

While Nashville’s tech scene is likely at the epicenter of this regional economic boom, manufacturing is another industry that is seeing aggressive growth and subsequent increases in staffing demand. When companies are struggling to find the right people for the jobs they need filled quickly, they turn to staffing partners to find them the talent to get the job done. That’s why working with a staffing agency like All-Star Personnel can make a big difference in helping you find the right opportunity for your career change. Our team of industry experts knows all the demands and opportunities in a hot market like Nashville. And we work tirelessly to match the right person for the job.

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