What Feedback Does the Staffing Agency Want After Your Assignment?


Feedback is a gift. And there’s no better place for feedback about a company than after you complete an assignment as a contractor. Don’t phone in this important part of the process. It only takes a couple minutes of your time to fill out the survey, but it can do a world of good to help your recruiters find a better assignment for your next gig. Here’s what they want to know.

Who You Are

It’s important for a staffing agency to recognize the impact your personal experience and background play in your perspective of a previous assignment, so don’t forget to let the survey readers know what makes you unique. What were you looking for when you started this contract? What would you like to do next? What skills do you have? What schedule are you looking for? And most importantly, how can they reach you with new opportunities.

Your Recent Assignment

Expect to share who your most recent assignment was with, and what role you were in. When did you start? What department were you working within? What job title did you have? These are all important to helping us better understand your experience and comparing it with the feedback we receive from other contractors.

From there, we look to learn about the details of your experience in that role. Did the company provide you with the right details and directions to succeed in your role? Did the department you worked for use your time efficiently? Do you feel that your assignment will contribute to your long-term professional goals? Were you comfortable asking co-workers for help when you were unclear about a task that you were assigned? Did you receive feedback about your work to help improve? Do you feel the job description accurately portrayed the work you ended up doing? Do you feel that you learned something new by working with this company?

These questions provide candidates with the opportunity to describe the situation they found themselves in when working on assignment. They provide valuable opportunities for us as a staffing firm to find you better opportunities in the future, but also to initiate conversations with employers on how they can be better prepared to work with contractors in a mutually beneficial fashion.

Many times, the answers to these questions have helped us redefine the needs and expectations of a client to better understand the needs and expectations of the candidates and contractors they will be working with. The opportunity to work with employers and hiring managers on the things that will make contractors more successful in the role is a win-win for everybody involved. We have actively seen the value of these surveys in action in growing prosperity for our clients and lasting success for our candidates. It’s important to us that both sides of this equation get what they need out of the experience, and that’s why it’s so important for us to hear this valuable feedback.

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