Which Fonts Lead to Your Resume Getting Thrown Out?


One of the most challenging aspects of a job search is the need to condense your career into a two-page summary. So much depends on your resume that it needs to be picture perfect to even get to the interview stage. That means that you need to be your own worst critic and really evaluate your resume and your presentation to make sure you are hitting all the right notes.

You need to create an attractive resume to catch a hiring manager’s attention. It needs to be more than a collection of words and numbers, or even bold sentences and bullet points, but it should really be able to tell what an amazing first impression you will have on your interviewers. This is so ingrained in a hiring manager’s process, that even a bad font can get you dismissed before you even answer a question.

Fonts are actually a very important part of the overall look and feel of your resume. They can communicate a lack of professionalism or even disinterest simply by being a certain style. Here are some of the worst fonts you can use on your resume, and some of them might surprise you.

1. Times New Roman

Used by many people, this font can be literally seen everywhere. While a perfectly fine font, its overuse in resumes makes it easily forgettable. Because of its overuse, it won’t do you any favors to help you stand apart from the other applicants.

2. Futura

This font has a few key drawbacks that have landed it a spot on this list. Its subtly unusual appearance is distracting to the eye, and its long lower-case letters and dissimilarity between rounded and keen shapes of the letter make it surprisingly non-professional.

3. Arial

Arial is the second ‘Times New Roman’. It is generally overused particularly in digital media and is overly casual for a professional resume. Using it will present you as a candidate who doesn’t give much attention to style or presentation. Moreover, this font is quite erratic and irregular, and cannot be considered as a good font to be used for your professional and polished resume.

4. Brush Script

It is a big no-no to even think about using brush scripts on your resume. These fonts lack the basic professionalism a font should have and become quite difficult to read in smaller sizes. Ditch this font for a more sleek and clean look which makes it easy for a hiring manager to read.

5. Comic Sans

This font looks very easy-going and childlike when compared with other fonts. Created mainly for comic books, this font is best left on the shelves. Comic Sans can come across as funky and casual, which might help you stand out, but it has quickly earned a reputation to be too casual and clownish for a professional resume. In fact, it has been said to be the worst font for professional work.

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