Do You Know About the Bonuses a Staffing Agency Provides?


Working with a staffing agency provides a number of benefits that most job seekers are not even aware of. The obvious benefit is help finding a job, but did you know that by partnering with a recruiter you also get the support of a qualified a career counselor, access to valuable industry and market insight, even someone who can prep you for your interview and beyond?

But there are more direct bonuses as well. For us, finding the right people for the right job is about more than bringing in a paycheck. We provide our staffers with the sort of financial bonuses you would expect from a regular full-time position. Here are just a few of those benefits candidates can expect by working with a recruiter at All-Star Personnel.

Holiday Pay Bonus

For most temp workers, a holiday bonus is very rare indeed. But if you work 3600 hours within a continuous 24-month period for an All-Star Personnel client, you qualify for a Holiday Bonus of $75 on four major holidays throughout the calendar year. To be eligible for this bonus, you also need to work the scheduled weekdays before and after the holiday and need to continue to work a minimum of 1,800 hours per anniversary year thereafter for continued eligibility. All you need to do to request payment for your holiday bonus is visit a local recruiting branch to fill out the necessary paperwork, and you can expect a nice little addition to your holiday spending money.

Vacation Pay Bonus

Rather than settling to take leave without pay for vacations on a contract job, workers with All-Star Personnel who work a minimum of 3,600 hours within a continuous 24-month period get a Vacation Pay Bonus of $300 upon request (once per year). That little extra support allows our team members to take the time they need to rest, relax, recoup, and come back ready for business. To be eligible for vacation pay bonuses, contract workers need to continue to work a minimum of 1,800 hours per anniversary year thereafter for ongoing eligibility, and any requested time off must be scheduled and approved by All-Star Personnel and the client company in advance of the vacation itself. To request time off and arrange for payment of the benefit, contractors should report to a local recruiting branch to make their request.

Referral Bonus

Since we know that your personal recommendations and professional connections are as good as gold, we reward our contractors for referrals as well. All-Star Team members may be eligible for a $35.00 Referral Bonus when you refer a new employee to All-Star Personnel. To qualify, the employee referred must be someone who has never applied or worked for any All-Star location previously. See your local All-Star branch for more information on how you can help us find the right people for the right job today.

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