Do Staffing Firms Charge Job Candidates?


This is a common question among job candidates who are new to working with staffing firms. The short answer is NO! Staffing firms are eager to bring on new and talented applicants to join their talent pool to provide the very best service to their customers, the employer. Today we dive a little into the process so you as a job candidate can be comfortable that staffing firms like All-Star Personnel really do have your best interests at heart.

An Overview of the Hiring Process

New job opportunities at All-Star Personnel come in on a daily basis, so keep in touch with our team to make sure that you don’t miss out on any job descriptions that might be a perfect fit for your goals and experience. Once you are ready to start working with a staffing firm, the next step is to connect with our team of recruiters in person and fill out an application. You will need to share your work history and answer a number of questions about your work preferences, such as your preferred shift, type of work, and location.

Once you have filled out an application, we’ll ask you to interview with one of our staffing managers. This is very similar to a normal job interview except we are interested in learning about your whole work history, qualifications, and career goals rather than just the ones relevant to a particular opportunity. Take this interview as a chance to talk about what interests you, what vocational skills you have and what you are looking for from your next position. Our staffing managers are interested in learning about your specific skills and your experiences in previous job settings.

All-Star Personnel provides extra piece of mind to their clients by running reference checks with previous employers, criminal background checks, and even pre-employment drug screening so be prepared for these elements of the application process as well. Once your references and screenings are complete, you can dive on into the job pool based on the various factors of your skills and work history.

Once a job is identified for you, All-Star Personnel provides a client-specific orientation and onboarding service for all applicants before they are sent out on assignment. This provides the support and information candidates need to hit the ground running at their new job.

The Benefits of Working with a Staffing Agency

There are plenty of benefits to working with a staffing agency like All-Star Personnel including access to a large network of employers looking to hire applicants with your skills and qualifications, career building resources, and onboarding support. Working with All-Star Personnel in particular comes with benefits such as a holiday pay bonus, vacation pay bonuses, and referral bonuses as well. Our commitment to our candidates is as important to us as our commitment to our clients. We want you to succeed and flourish within our placed job opportunities so we do our best to make sure our talent pool have the resources they need to grow.

Work with All-Star Personnel – a Leader in Staffing in Middle Tennessee

If you are considering a temporary staffing agency in Middle Tennessee, consider All-Star Personnel. With our outstanding service, individualized attention and uncompromising commitment to excellence, we help find the right job for you. Contact us today!



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