Do You Want to Go Back to Your Old Company?


Feeling a little nostalgic about an old job? Particularly when you are looking for new opportunities, you may find yourself looking back on old companies with a higher level of appreciation than you might expect. But don’t discount your past employers, because they actually are a great source of leads in your job search. If you are considering going back to an old company, here are a few things that All-Star Personnel wants you to keep in mind to help get back in the door.

Consider How You Left

If you left your previous job with the company on good terms, gave plenty of notice, and made sure you weren’t burning any bridges by taking another job, you are more likely to be able to come back. Turnover can be hard on managers and it requires a good amount of effort and financial investment to backfill any position that you may have vacated. Staying conscious of how your leaving impacted your employer will help give you a good idea of how they will receive your interest in returning.

Look Back on Your Past Performance

Just like any other employer, past hiring managers will consider your work history when evaluating whether you are a good fit for a new position. If you worked for the company before, they are even more likely to consider your past performance as a key indicator of how you would perform for them in the future. If you were unmotivated or disinterested in your previous job, chances are that they remember that and won’t take the risk of hiring you again.

Keep in Touch

Yet another reason to stay in touch with old employers and co-workers is the chance to collaborate again in the future. If you want to reconnect, it’s much more difficult if you haven’t managed to retain a strong relationship during your time away. Staying in touch can be as personal as meeting regularly for coffee or simply communicating through social media on occasion. A good indicator of whether you have kept in touch is whether you would consider using the connection as a professional reference. If they are willing to say good things about you to another prospective employer, chances are they would enjoy the chance to work with you again.

Focus on Your Improvements

If your connections with a previous employer help to land you an interview, don’t count on them to land you the job. Your time away from the company should reflect some degree of growth or added value to your future employers. Mention the new projects and skills that you have acquired since working for the company last. That said, don’t overlook the power of your knowledge about the job and company you gained in your previous experiences. You can talk about what you liked most about the company, and how your skills are able to bring value in the new opportunity. You have insider knowledge about what pain points the company suffers from. Use that information to your advantage.

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