Less Stress Comes in Hiring Faster. 4 Tips to Do Just That!


Hiring can be a lengthy process. But time is money in the business world, so the companies who bring on high-quality talent faster are better able to get ahead. Hiring faster means less stress for managers and teams in need of increased headcount. It also means less project downtime and the ability to meet deadlines and stay on schedule. Here are 4 tips to help you hire fast and hire well.

1. Know the Cost of Not Hiring

Make it a priority to familiarize yourself (and corporate leadership) with the cost of not hiring someone for a particular role. Will you lose clients? Will you lose sales? Will you not finish a project on time, or even at all? Those reactions have a cost, and that cost is data. Look at your historical data from similar instances in the past. You can even look at the numbers for comparable teams or companies. The point is that in order to hire faster, you need to know why it’s worth it. That means putting a number to the cost of not hiring someone and a number to the benefit of hiring quickly.

2. Streamline Internal Processes

In order to get new talent in the door, they often need to go through an internal hiring process. This process often has very little to do with the individual or the team looking to hire, but it can slow down the hiring process substantially if not done right. Make sure that your HR staff and hiring policies are committed to creating a streamlined hiring process. Such a process allows for the right talent to be brought in at the right time and is agile enough to bring in new hires quickly if there is a need. Look for any bottlenecks or time wasters that will slow down a new hires onboarding process (such as delays in getting computer or equipment access, improper paperwork, background checks, etc.) and do what you can to smooth the transition.

3. Stay In Touch with Past Talent

Having a deep pool of experienced talent which you can draw from will make hiring immediately easier and faster. One of the most time-consuming aspects of the hiring process is simply finding the qualified individuals who are available to do the work. One great way to build a more reliable talent pipeline is to stay in touch with past talent. Did you interview someone you really liked but the timing just wasn’t right? Hold on to their resume. Have you worked with a temporary staffer or intern who learned a lot during their time with you but wasn’t ready to come on full time when they left? They are an excellent resource. Staying in touch with past employees is also a great way to find new employees because they can provide referrals that will help you pinpoint the best candidates in the field today.

4. Work With a Staffing Agency

Lastly, you should know that working with a staffing agency is the single easiest and fastest way to find the talent you need. Their industry knowledge and deep talent pool are great resources to help you find and recruit the high-quality talent you need.

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