Time Management Tips For Manufacturing Jobs


There never seems to be enough time in the day no matter what your job is. But for those working in the manufacturing sector, there are several productivity tips and time management skills that just make sense. Here’s how to better manage your time and get more done without working more hours. 

Align your work to standardized floor operations 

By standardizing floor operations, you’ll be better able to focus on the task at hand and get more done. To encourage efficiency and time management on the floor, there should be set levels of time for task completion, as well as what falling short or speeding up could mean for the rest of the production line. For human workers, everyone should be aware of time standards while they are working, by either visible timers or charts that show what different lead times mean for production levels.  

Group tasks 

The biggest time suck in manufacturing is often transitions or switching tasks. Then transitions should be grouped and timed strategically to help reduce time lost in switching from one task to another.  

Invest in the latest technologies 

Investing in the latest machinery for your business model also helps save time and increase productivity. This is because technology can be digitally programmed to maintain a certain level of output, or to change its rate based on percentage of work being completed.  

Analyze the production line 

Making a habit of evaluating whether your production line is operating as well as it could be is as important as getting a good system in place. The truth is that periodic analysis of a production line really benefits overall time management. That’s because it ensures standards are being met and updates are being made as needed.  

Manage complexity 

As a business enhances its product line or adds new machinery to its plant, it is very easy for production methods to become increasingly complex. Again, analysis is the best way to ensure business methods are as simple and efficient as possible, or to note the changes that need to be made to attain this. 

Take breaks 

Regular breaks are key to maintaining high levels of time management and performance. One lunch break at noon often is not enough for a worker to refocus their attention and rest from the routine of their work. One benefit to idle time is that it does give workers a chance to take a breath, but on a day where production may be playing catch-up, it is not likely that there will be rest time for workers built into the day. So make sure to schedule it intentionally.  

Prioritize your well-being 

Time management works only when your workers are healthy. Make sure the culture of your manufacturing company remains centered around the well-being of your workers. Even though maximizing productivity is usually the central focus. Your workers’ own productivity will be maximized if they feel well taken care of by the business. Concrete rest periods built into the day will help you achieve more. 

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