Are Your Odd Shifts Going Unfilled?


Shift work is notoriously difficult for both employees and employers alike. Unusual sleep schedules and the lifestyle changes that are required from workers who pull the “graveyard” shift demand a great deal from your employees. Odd shifts are notoriously difficult to fill and retain talent within. But rather than struggling with high rates of employee turnover and near-constant recruitment, here are a few ways you can make sure your odd shifts are filled consistently and with high-quality talent.  

Transparent Communication is Key 

Excellent communication is a cornerstone of a successful company. Make sure you communicate with your late shift workers as well as you do with the first shift. A common reason for high turnover is poor communication. Take a varied work schedule into account when reaching out to individuals or as a group. Be mindful of asking for their time outside of their regular working hours because that time is precious to them.  

Show Your Appreciation  

Second and third shift workers can often feel lost or forgotten by corporate leadership. For that reason alone, you should make an effort to show your appreciation for the work they do. Make sure they know how much the company values them and that they are not looked on as secondary employees. Their work is critical to your success. Make sure they know how much their efforts matter.  

Training is Always Valuable 

If providing your first shift workers with training seems reasonable and a valuable investment in their growth within your company, why wouldn’t you also offer such opportunities to late shift workers? The second and third shift should not be considered a gauntlet your employees need to master before gaining access to the benefits of the first shift. You need quality workers doing the job around the clock. Make sure they all have the resources they need to meet your expectations on the job.  

Reconsider your Incentives 

Take a moment to look at how you are incentivizing your employees to work the late shift. Are you offering competitive pay for their effort? How are you supporting their need for a good work-life balance? Is the work environment as good in the second or third shift as it is in the first? Incentives can take many different forms, like events or bonuses. Even just a box of donuts and coffee brought in will help leave your employees with a good impression of their day. However, make sure that your late shift workers aren’t getting left with the short end of the stick. Remember to provide access to incentives during their shifts as well as during yours.   

The bottom line is to try to imagine working for your company from their perspective. Are they feeling under-valued or improperly trained? Overwhelmed? Or even just ignored? These are all things that are easily addressed, and taking their needs into account will ensure your retention rates are stable, and you are not left spinning your wheels on your recruitment efforts. 

Are your odd shifts going unfilled?

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