We Thought Your Job Interview Was Tomorrow. What to Do When You’re a Day Early


Nothing could be worse than being a day late for your interview. But being a day early can be equally difficult to rebound from. Here’s why. It’s all about your attention to detail.

Interview Prep

When it comes to getting ready for an interview, the preparation is key to the process. If you were scheduling your time around the wrong date, that can really throw you off – just in terms of the logistics of an interview. The last-minute rescheduling (of yourself, not of the interview) can be distracting and take important time away for you to mentally prepare yourself. Avoid this if you can, because any time spent on non-prep work is time taken away from your prep work.

Overcoming the Mistake

In addition to the logistical issues of showing up a day early, it could be tough to overcome this clear lack of attention to detail. Employers are judging you based on your organizational skills and your actions as you move through the hiring process. It may be a problem that you missed this important detail. That said, it’s not impossible to overcome this mistake. Hiring managers are people too. They understand that mistakes do happen. But they’ll be watching you closely to see how you rebound from the error, and how you respond to the feedback you may receive after having made it.

Employers are looking for candidates who know how to stay flexible, who own up to their mistakes, and who understand the importance of learning from those mistakes. This could actually be a good opportunity to show how strong you are when it comes to bouncing back and ensuring similar situations never happen again. Other candidates might not have the chance until after they’re hired.

Proving Yourself Afterward

You can be sure that having made the first mistake, you will be more heavily scrutinized than other candidates who are vying for the same job. Chances are that you’ll need to prove yourself to be a detail oriented and organized professional. It’s the sad truth that first impressions are heavily weighted when it comes to job applications. So once that opportunity passes you by, it does take some extra work afterward to get your relationship back on track. Don’t make any further mistakes when it comes to the details. For example, make sure you are well prepared, follow up as promised, call when you are expected to and deliver on your commitment to the job opportunity. If an employer thinks that you are not 100 percent committed to working for them, or are just applying to any job they have the chance to apply to, you will not come out ahead in a highly competitive market.

So overall, be thoughtful, be careful, and make sure you are presenting yourself as the reliable and professional candidate that your dream employer would be happy to have on their team.

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