Can I Use AI to Write My Resume?

Curious if AI holds the key to crafting your perfect resume? Today we talk about the nuances of working with AI in this capacity, explore the perks, pitfalls, and offering guidance for those considering AI-assisted resume writing.  The Pros of Using AI for Resume Writing Efficiency: AI-powered resume builders can quickly generate a document based… Read more »

Meet Your Recruiter, Gina Harden!

Knowing who you have on your team in your job search can be a real confidence boost. Here’s a look at another of our best members of the All-Star recruiting team. Today we’re featuring Gina Harden. She’s been working with us at All-Star Personnel for seven years now and brings a blend of recruiting skills… Read more »

Can a Temporary Job Become Permanent?

If you are new to the temporary job market, you might be wondering why a company would even need temporary employees. Do you find yourself wondering whether there’s a chance you could get hired on as a permanent employee? Why should you even consider temping if what you want is a full-time job?   There are… Read more »

How to Practice Active Listening

The art of listening has gotten lost in an age of digital communication. There seems to be a lot of noise out there but being able to really tune in when communicating with clients and team members, or even your boss, has never been more important. Here are several tips to help you build up… Read more »

Want to Get Hired? These 5 Soft Skills Are What Employers Want Today

Working with a temp agency is a great way to get ahead in your job search. But not every agency’s approach to hiring success is the same. As a leading temp agency in Smyrna, TN, we at All-Star Personnel know what businesses and employers are looking for. They need employees who bring the whole package,… Read more »