The 101 on Job References

As a job seeker, you know that putting together a solid resume and cover letter is just the beginning of the job search process. When it comes time for the hiring manager to make their final decision, they may want to speak with your job references to get a better sense of your work experience… Read more »

Help! I Don’t Know What Job I Want!

If you are on the younger side of things, you might be wondering how do you even find your career path? This is a very common question for job seekers of all ages actually. And the truth is that everyone does it their own way. Here are a few helpful pieces of advice that can help… Read more »

Your Temporary Job Assignment Ends, Now What?

Temporary contracts are a unique kind of work. If you’re not used to moving from contract to contract it can be confusing as you come to the end of a job assignment. If you’re at that point and need a few pointers on where to go from here, read on. Here’s what you should do… Read more »