How to Tell if Your job is Harming Your Mental Health

Every job has its ups and downs. But do you know how to tell whether you are in a toxic work environment? Here are some warning signs that your job is impacting your mental well-being. It might be time to move on to a new position, and All-Star Personnel can help.  Know When Things Are… Read more »

Getting Through The 3pm Slump

Getting through the day can feel like a struggle, especially during those few hours after lunch. Energy levels drop. Focus tends to wander. Fatigue catches up with us. And often our motivation slows down in response to all these other influences. But the work day doesn’t stop when we lose energy. Most days finding a… Read more »

Summer Attire at Work

The weather in Tennessee is warming up, and the hotter days will be here soon. It can be tempting to dress more casual than usual to help manage the more tropical weather, but not everything appropriate for summer is suitable for work. Here are some reminders about how to dress properly as the temperature climbs… Read more »