Second Shift Jobs in Mount Juliet, TN

Shift work is a great way to fit a second job into an already busy schedule. It’s also an excellent way to spend more time at home with family during the day. Taking late shifts can help you earn extra money while making sure you still have time for the things you already do daily…. Read more »

Why Good Manners Are Important to Your Career

When was the last time you were told to mind your manners? You might be surprised but they are a key element to career success. Good manners are simply how you compose yourself while at work. They impact how other people perceive you, how they feel about working with you, and even how good at… Read more »

How to Practice Active Listening

The art of listening has gotten lost in an age of digital communication. There seems to be a lot of noise out there but being able to really tune in when communicating with clients and team members, or even your boss, has never been more important. Here are several tips to help you build up… Read more »

Use Employee Referrals for Stronger Recruiting in 2022

A good employee referral program is a gold mine for employers hiring high-quality talent. Strategies like this can mean all the difference in a tough hiring market. Professionals today are looking more critically at their employers. So, a good word from a trusted friend can be the help you need to get the best talent…. Read more »

How to Beat the Sunday Scaries

Are you the type of person who is excited and ready to roll Monday morning? Do you look forward to your work week even when relaxing and enjoying your downtime on the weekends? Not everyone is. The “Sunday Scaries” concept has taken off as a cute way to describe that not great feeling of doom… Read more »

How to ask Your Manager for More Responsibility

Growing your career means not just getting promoted or a great new job. It means taking on increasing responsibilities within your current role and excelling at those new tasks. But if you don’t ask your manager for more responsibility in your day to day, you might not get it. Or if you ask for it… Read more »

When Your Temp job Just Isn’t What You Expected

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating. Professionalism, even in a contract job, really matters. Your reliability and your commitment are what people will remember about you and your work. If you are not professional enough to work through challenges on a job, people will remember. And the truth is that you never know… Read more »

What can we do About The Great Resignation?

The great resignation is something employers have been experiencing for the past couple years. It’s a reflection of the deep dissatisfaction many professionals have with their employment situation. The ongoing global pandemic has forced workers to really evaluate what they need from their employers. And there are more opportunities available to those who realize they… Read more »

Why Punctuality Matters in Your Career

Professionality on the job is how your reputation is built. A big part of your professionality is based on simple but important things like punctuality. There are so many reasons why being on time is a big deal, even for a temporary assignment. Contract work is as much of an important part of your career… Read more »

Advance Your Manufacturing Career with These Tips

A female of Asian decent is talking into a headpiece and carrying a clipboard or tablet. She is wearing a dark green button down shirt and a yellow safety vest.

It might be surprising to note, but the U.S. is expecting to see a significant demand for manufacturing workers in the coming years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were around 264,000 job openings in the manufacturing industry in March of 2014. While employment in manufacturing is projected to decline in the… Read more »