Keep Your Warehouse Workers Safe

The truth about creating a safe warehouse environment is that it takes more than a top-down approach. Safety mentality is inspired by both corporate leadership and the employees themselves. As a warehouse employee or business owner, warehouse safety needs to be a top priority because it is you and your coworkers’ well-being that is on… Read more »

How to Deal with a Disrespectful Coworker

Occasionally, even the most professional employees may find themselves in a situation where they don’t get along perfectly with all their coworkers. Sometimes, personalities naturally clash. Sometimes, a coworker is outright rude. But that doesn’t mean it will serve you well to be rude back. Knowing what to do in such situations can help reduce… Read more »

Getting Through The 3pm Slump

Getting through the day can feel like a struggle, especially during those few hours after lunch. Energy levels drop. Focus tends to wander. Fatigue catches up with us. And often our motivation slows down in response to all these other influences. But the work day doesn’t stop when we lose energy. Most days finding a… Read more »

Can I get Hired at a Temp Job?

Many people who are unfamiliar with contracting ask us whether getting hired from a temp job is even possible. The short answer is YES! The fact is that not all temp jobs are temporary. Sometimes you are on the job to fill a short-term need. Examples of this are when an existing staff member is… Read more »

How to Ask for Testimonials

Customer testimonials can help grow your business. In fact, they are one of the most trusted forms of information about your product or service. But asking your existing clientele to put in a good word for you at your request can seem presumptuous. So how do you ask for testimonials and still come across as… Read more »

Second Shift Jobs in Mount Juliet, TN

Shift work is a great way to fit a second job into an already busy schedule. It’s also an excellent way to spend more time at home with family during the day. Taking late shifts can help you earn extra money while making sure you still have time for the things you already do daily…. Read more »

Why Good Manners Are Important to Your Career

When was the last time you were told to mind your manners? You might be surprised but they are a key element to career success. Good manners are simply how you compose yourself while at work. They impact how other people perceive you, how they feel about working with you, and even how good at… Read more »

How to Practice Active Listening

The art of listening has gotten lost in an age of digital communication. There seems to be a lot of noise out there but being able to really tune in when communicating with clients and team members, or even your boss, has never been more important. Here are several tips to help you build up… Read more »

Use Employee Referrals for Stronger Recruiting in 2022

A good employee referral program is a gold mine for employers hiring high-quality talent. Strategies like this can mean all the difference in a tough hiring market. Professionals today are looking more critically at their employers. So, a good word from a trusted friend can be the help you need to get the best talent…. Read more »

How to Beat the Sunday Scaries

Are you the type of person who is excited and ready to roll Monday morning? Do you look forward to your work week even when relaxing and enjoying your downtime on the weekends? Not everyone is. The “Sunday Scaries” concept has taken off as a cute way to describe that not great feeling of doom… Read more »