Can I Work More Than One Job With A Staffing Agency?


A frequent question we get from job applicants is whether they can work multiple assignments as a temp. The answer is yes! This is just one of many benefits to working with a staffing agency. If you have the bandwidth to take on multiple assignments, we can help you make that happen. Here’s a look at why temporary workers may be getting the better end of the bargain compared to FTEs.  

Multiple assignments that work for you 

The new gig economy allows many contract workers to expand their portfolio, build their resume, and even balance multiple assignments for extra financial benefit. Many contracts do not require a full-time candidate. Several jobs are part-time or temporary. Being able to overlap them as it makes sense can help you gain lots of different experiences quickly, and also make more money.   

The temporary nature of the work means that jobs can come and go pretty quickly, but by overlapping complementary opportunities, temporary workers are able to make more money more quickly based on their individual capacity and the demands of their contracts.   

When you work for a staffing agency, you need to take on a different mindset. You are hired to help and advise a client. They may require you to work onsite or remotely. They may need you part-time or full-time. Every client of a staffing agency is different, and it takes a unique flexibility and intuitive recruitment style that will help them fill those needs quickly. Sometimes that means one temporary worker could be shared across two or more clients.  

This is a great way to make more money from a candidate’s perspective, but you should keep in mind that this is only a viable option so long as the quality of the work being provided to the client remains high. Know your limits, and if you find yourself stretched too thin, talk to your career advisor about scaling back as appropriate.   

Other benefits to contracting  

When you work with a staffing agency, you are not just a resume or a person filling a seat. You’re part of our team! That’s why we offer real benefits for employees who meet our criteria. If you work 3,600 hours over a period of 24 months, you earn a holiday bonus on four major holidays. You can also earn a vacation pay bonus of $300 upon request every year.   

We also offer healthcare benefits that many temporary employees rely on. Paying out of pocket for medical care can get very costly. By working with a committed staffing firm, you work for a company that has your back. We can help you be strategic with your expenses as they come to medical benefits.  

Because you know your co-workers and colleagues better than anyone, we also offer a $35 referral bonus when you refer a new employee to our team of recruiters. We want to build the best talent pool in Tennessee, and we need your help to do it. If you know of someone who would be a great fit for a project with us, and they have not yet applied or worked for any of our locations, see your local All-Star branch for details on how you can recommend them for the team.   

New opportunities are added to our career portal regularly!

There are lots of reasons to partner with a staffing firm who knows your value. Call us today to get started on your way to joining the All-Star army! 

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