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Every month, we connect our readers with a new team member to give you insight into what it’s like to work with our team of amazing and passionate recruiters. Today we’re highlighting our recruiter Karina Ramirez. Karina has been with All-Star Personnel for a year now. She loves to read and listen to music. She enjoys time with her family and friends. Her favorite drink is coffee and her favorite season is the fall. Here’s what she has to say about working at All-Star.  

What helps an associate stand out?   

An associate who stands out must have confidence in themselves and really love what they do. This helps sent them apart from the crowd of candidates.  

What does a day in your life at All-Star Personnel look like? 

I focus on how to improve myself to help people who arrive, who need job options. I am passionate about giving them good treatment so that they feel at home. It’s important that I always do my best so that each day is better for me and for my work. I feel happy to belong to a great company that feels like my second home since I have colleagues who are more than that, friends and a great family. 

What’s your best tip for an associate once they go on assignment? 

Being a proactive person helps your supervisors see that performance for the company where you work. That effort to get ahead of any challenges is really helpful in getting the visibility they deserve.  

What traits do the associates you have worked with share? 

Performance in learning and being willing to grow on the job is critical. Also important is taking responsibility in your work, having good communication, and maintaining a respectful environment.  

What interested you to become a recruiter? 

I really like helping people and I find it very interesting how we can find the perfect job for people and therefore make real changes in people’s lives. 

Tell me more about how you help a job seeker on assignment? 

Firstly, being a friendly and respectful person helps make it easier to identify an associate where you can see characteristics for the company. It also helps the job applicant feel confident and ready to take on new challenges. Of course, knowing what your last job was helps a lot in knowing what your new job could be. And I also like to ask about their experience and what they are looking for in order to find the perfect position. 

What’s your best tip for someone who is a new temporary associate? 

Developing in a new company is all about learning that will bring you very good experiences. Knowing that you will be learning new things every day, the important thing is to maintain a positive attitude in order to improve more in your work. 

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I love meeting new people in my line of work. Dealing with staff is key in order to find the ideal job. Another thing I love about this work is the multicultural diversity. 

In your opinion what makes a great associate? 

Responsibility is one of the key characteristics as well as having a positive attitude and wanting to learn and improve every day. 

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