Meet Your Recruiter, Alex Kolasa!


Your recruiter is here to help you grow your career! That relationship is critical to the success of any candidate. Get to know our team a little better with another Meet Your Recruiter blog featuring All-Star Alex Kolasa this week. Alex has been with All-Star Personnel for three years now. Here’s a bit more about Alex and why they love working with candidates like you! 

Tell us a little about yourself

My hometown is Somerset, KY but I’ve lived in 4 states! I really enjoy painting in my free time.  

What interested you in becoming a recruiter?

I’m a recruiter because it gives me the opportunity to impact people’s lives in a positive way.  

How do you help a job seeker on assignment?

I always check in with them and ensure that the assignment is a good fit, as well as provide support if any conflict arises.  

What’s your best tip for someone who is a new temporary associate?

Be punctual and be open to learning. No one knows everything right off the bat. There’s a lot to learn on a new job, so make sure you are willing to give yourself some time to get the hang of things.  

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I really enjoy the people I get to interact with. 

In your opinion, what makes a great associate?

A great associate is someone who has a strong sense of personal drive and the ability to adapt to new situations.  

What would you say helps an associate stand out from the crowd?

A willingness to be flexible and a positive attitude helps to get ahead every time. That’s what employers are looking for in an associate, plus it’s a great differentiator across the board.  

What does a day in your life at All-Star Personnel look like?

It’s very busy, but I love it! 

What’s your best tip for an associate once they go on assignment?

Be willing to learn new things once you go on assignment, and remember that each assignment is different. Have a positive attitude and you’ll do great.  

What traits do the associates you have worked with share?

The best associates have a great ability to adapt to new situations, and the determination to succeed and stick with it! 

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