Why Job Searching Is Just Like Dating


A job search is actually a lot like dating when you think about it. There is a lot of pressure to find the right job, to attract the right attention, and to show up as your best self. Here are a few lessons you can take from our experience with recruiting and matching the right candidates with the right jobs.  

Dress for Success 

In both an interview setting as well as on a date, you want to look your best. You want to present yourself in a way that tells the person that you take care of yourself, you care about your work and how you show up reflects that. The way we dress can be an expression of our personality and our creativity, but it’s also a reflection of the respect we have for the person across the table. So when you’re interviewing, remember to dress for success. Show your interviewer that you take the opportunity seriously and that you will bring your best self to work each and every day.  

Manage Your Nerves 

Nerves are something that need to be managed both when you’re being interviewed as well as when you’re on a date. Excitement is good, but you want to appear confident and secure in your knowledge that you are worth pursuing. You can manage your nerves by taking deep breaths, reassuring yourself that you are a great catch, and letting whatever will happen take place. Striking a power pose or meeting someone standing up can be a great way to trick your body away from those first date or first interview jitters that can throw you off your game.  

Know What You Want But Be Open to New Experiences 

Understanding what you are looking for from a new job is a very important part of job search success. Similarly, when you are dating, it’s important to know what it is you want from a relationship, because that way you know when things are not working out early on in the process. Just like with dating, you also want to go into a job search with an open mind. Because the truth is you never know where your next match is going to come from, or where it will lead you.  

Body Language Tells All 

Body language is how we humans express confidence best. Standing up straight, making great eye contact, smiling and nodding when someone is speaking to us, these are all great ways to show the other person that we are interested, we are attentive, and we know we bring something special to the table. That’s what we want to communicate when we are being interviewed so that our body language matches what we say in our interview and in our resume.  

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