Safety Tips for Production Facilities


Safety on the job at production facilities is something that is everyone’s responsibility. From the leadership all the way down the ladder. When something goes wrong, it can be damaging not only to the injured employee, but to the company as a whole. Here are several safety tips for production facilities to make sure you and your colleagues are safe and productive on the job.  

Value Safety Over Productivity

While of course the fast-paced nature of today’s working environment demands effective and productive work, it is crucial for everyone to recognize that an unsafe work environment is an unproductive one. Mistakes and accidents have costly outcomes, both in terms of harm to workers and to the company’s bottom line. Encouraging and participating in a culture of safety, shows your employer that you understand how important safety is to yourself and to others.  

Understand Safety Protocols

Set an example for your colleagues by making sure you understand the safety policies that are in place. If you are unclear on anything, ask questions. Make sure you are up to date on your safety training and encourage others to do the same. If information or policies are out of date, let leadership know that there are improvements that can be made. Production facilities are fast paced environments. Make sure you know and understand the risks you are navigating daily.  

Build a Positive Safety Culture

A safety culture is one where everyone prioritizes and enables each other to be safe on the job. Hold yourself and your colleagues accountable for workplace safety. If there are hazards on site, due to improper storage or use of equipment, call it out. Help be part of the solution. Investing in a work culture founded on the importance of safety is a sure way to create a stronger, more productive, and healthy teams. A positive safety culture not only reduces on the job accidents and near misses, but also enables everyone to take responsibility for their own safety.  

Recognize Common Safety Risks 

Knowing the most common safety risks in a production facility is helpful in avoiding accidents. Checking and maintaining equipment regularly is critical. If equipment is malfunctioning or due for maintenance, tell your supervisor and make sure they know it’s a safety concern. Slips, trips and falls are easily prevented by simply keeping workplaces clean and orderly. Reduce fire hazards by making sure combustible material is stored in covered receptacles and disposed of on a regular basis. Making sure overhead tools or materials are stored away properly and safely is an easy solution too. By knowing the risks, you can actively increase safety in the workplace and limit accidents. 

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