Can a Temporary Job Become Permanent?


If you are new to the temporary job market, you might be wondering why a company would even need temporary employees. Do you find yourself wondering whether there’s a chance you could get hired on as a permanent employee? Why should you even consider temping if what you want is a full-time job?  

There are lots of reasons why both companies and candidates are interested in temporary contracts but understanding what you are looking for and what employers need will help you better navigate the temp, and the temp to hire, job markets. Here are some tips to help you turn your temp job into a permanent hire.  

Why Companies Need Temps 

There are so many reasons why an employer might need temporary employees. Those reasons can include seasonal coverage, when work peaks then lessens over the course of the year, covering for a short-term absence such as parental or medical leave. There are also some short-term projects that require companies to staff up quickly to accomplish the work. Temporary contracts are the perfect fit without needing a company to overhire and subsequently need to lay off when the amount of work returns to normal. Scaling up quickly is challenging, but temporary contracts are a reliable way for businesses to stretch their capabilities to meet the needs of the moment.  

Why Employees Take Temporary Work 

Similarly, there are several reasons why an employee may prefer to take on temporary work. Those reasons may include needing to quickly get back into the workforce, interest in building a quick professional network, building experience in a new industry, or testing out whether a specific role or company is right for them. Whatever the reason, it’s important to recognize that temporary work is not necessarily going to result in a conversion to a permanent contract with the company you are supporting. To make sure you are not setting yourself up for disappointment, know what your needs are and make sure you approach the work and your job search with that in mind.  

How to Convert Temporary Work to a Permanent Hire 

So, what should you focus on to impress the company and earn full-time status? Consider your temp-to-hire contract to be an extended interview process. Make sure that you fit in with the corporate culture, communicating well with supervisors and colleagues. Complete your work in an efficient manner with an eye toward quality to show that you are permanent employee material. Above all else, show your employer that this is the job you are looking for in the long term. Work hard to meet their needs as a candidate. Prove your value to them throughout the contract. Then you will be better able to make the shift from temporary to a permanent employee. 

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