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Whether you’re looking for new manufacturing opportunities or just want to push your current career forward, we at All-Star Personnel know and understand what it takes to get ahead in this industry. Building your career in the industrial sector doesn’t look like what it did even 10 years ago. Here are the tips that will make a difference in the modern workforce. 

Acting on the Rising Demand for Industrial Workers 

It might be surprising to note, but the U.S. expects to see a significant demand for manufacturing workers in the coming years. While employment in manufacturing is projected to decline in the next ten years, a considerable portion of the current workforce is getting ready to retire, creating a sharp and immediate demand to fill existing positions across the country. Demand for skilled workers means there will be jobs available in the coming years, and it also means that employers are willing to pay top dollar for industry talent. 

Due to retiring craftspeople and post-Great Recession career switches, today’s skilled trades workforce is declining. With the last wave of Baby Boomers set to retire in 2029, the labor shortage will take another big hit. Meanwhile, the journey to become a seasoned professional is a multi-year process. If too few people join the industry, the retirees will outpace the new talent. This creates an opportunity for skilled workers who want to find jobs working for industrial businesses that are more in demand now than ever. These jobs can lead to reliable, long-term careers (that pay well). 

Stay Ahead of Rapid Advances and Technology Shifts 

The manufacturing industry has seen some very disruptive and very exciting changes in recent years. The technological changes coming from IoT and manufacturing 2.0 have changed the way business is done and even the work culture in the manufacturing industry as a whole. With all those changes it can be difficult for employees to feel secure and motivated in their jobs, but in actuality, these changes are clear opportunities for those willing to jump on them. Research the latest trends and understand how they are making a difference for the industrial sector. Hiring managers are looking for talent who can help them stay ahead of the curve. Be that trendsetter who can help them evolve and navigate a shifting landscape. 

Lean In to Teamwork and Collaboration 

Great teamwork skills and the ability to bring people together in collaboration is important for every manager in every industry. But a manager with an industrial focus is one who will do so with the added complexities and demands of the industry. Working with an industrial team (perhaps across multiple time zones or in different locations) creates its own unique but not insurmountable problems. Finding a way to bridge that divide, whether through technology or working styles, a globally focused manager has the ability to bring people together in pursuit of a common goal. Whether you are in a leadership role, understanding those complexities and facilitating teamwork through the challenges will make you more valuable to any employer. 

For more tips and advice, connect with our recruiting team today to learn how we can help get you on your way to a forward-facing career in manufacturing.  

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