Getting Through The 3pm Slump


Getting through the day can feel like a struggle, especially during those few hours after lunch. Energy levels drop. Focus tends to wander. Fatigue catches up with us. And often our motivation slows down in response to all these other influences. But the work day doesn’t stop when we lose energy. Most days finding a way to power through is the best way to navigate the slump. Here are a few tips to help you stay focused and re-energize before the end of the day.  

Get Into the Right Mindset 

Motivation makes a huge difference here. While we often start the day highly motivated, that focus can fade as the day goes by. But keep in mind that work isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. You need to pace yourself and make sure you have the right mindset and the right motivation to keep going strong throughout the day. Taking a break can be helpful, whether it’s your lunch break or a walk around the block. Mixing up your routine for a few minutes can help you “reset” and kick start your self-motivation muscles to get you through the last few hours at the end of the day.  

Get Hyper Focused 

Have you ever really gotten into the zone at work? Where you are so focused that you accomplish more than you initially thought possible? This level of focus is helpful in getting you through your day. So set your intentions and create a positive environment that supports your need to focus and accomplish tasks at scale. If that means maintaining a quiet workspace, removing distractions (like phone calls, emails, internet access, etc.), then do what you need to get things done. Seek to get in the zone on something you are passionate about or something that needs attention. Sometimes setting clear actionable goals is the best way to get focused. Momentum is a great motivator, so take it one step at a time. Lock down those small wins and before you know it, you’ll be clocking out for the day.  

Stay Alert on the Job 

Staying alert on the job is all about taking care of yourself and setting yourself up for success. Make sure you start the day off right by eating healthy, getting enough sleep, taking breaks, and staying inspired. But beware. Staying alert is about more than drinking an extra cup of coffee. It’s about being healthy and having the stamina you need to work hard for the full 8-hour shift.  

Your body needs a balance of rest and work to stay not just busy, but productive and effective every day. So makes sure your blood sugar is balanced and you have the food you need to fuel your own productivity. Avoid eating too much sugar and falling prey to the spike and inevitable fall in energy levels. Make sure you have healthy snacks on hand to help you power through the afternoon if you get hungry before dinner. Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine to help you stay alert. Drink water to stay hydrated. All these little things can do wonders for your energy levels throughout the day.   

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