Can I get Hired at a Temp Job?


Many people who are unfamiliar with contracting ask us whether getting hired from a temp job is even possible. The short answer is YES! The fact is that not all temp jobs are temporary. Sometimes you are on the job to fill a short-term need. Examples of this are when an existing staff member is out on leave or as seasonal productivity demands. But other temporary jobs have the opportunity to be hired on permanently. Here are some things you can do to improve your chances of getting hired.  

Treat your contract as a prolonged interview  

Think about what you should focus on to impress the company and earn full-time status. Consider your contract to be an extended interview process. Make sure that you fit in with the corporate culture, communicating well with supervisors and colleagues. Efficiently complete your work with an eye toward quality to show that you are permanent employee material. Above all else, show your employer that this is the job you are looking for in the long term. So long as you meet their needs as a candidate and prove your value to them throughout the contract, you are well-positioned to make the shift from temporary to permanent employee. 

Create a niche for yourself 

One of the best ways to convert a temp contract into a long-term position is to show an employer the value you bring that no one else can easily deliver. That often means going above and beyond the responsibilities of the contract you were hired to work against. But it also means showing up and being a problem solver for the business, with the understanding that your expertise and experience brings something special to the role. Sometimes, it’s not about applying for a job from within your contract, but turning your contract work into something more. Something that your employer simply can’t live without.  

Network, network, network 

People most often get jobs or hear about jobs from people within their professional network. Contract jobs are a great way to quickly expand your professional network, even if you’re not particularly good at “networking.” The work you do and the relationships you build in a temporary job do the work of networking for you. Be sure to keep in touch with the people you work with during all your contracts because you just never know when someone will be in the right position to help you take the next step in your career.  

Take a genuine interest in the job 

Too often, temps treat a job as temporary and don’t take it seriously enough to warrant conversion to a full-time employee. If you want to get hired, you’ve got to do more than show up. You’ve got to consistently give your best at the job site for them to feel that you belong there now and in the future. That means not only doing what you’re told but anticipating your boss’s needs and proactively offering help.

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