Hiring Trends for 2022 in Tennessee


As one of the most trusted staffing agencies in Murfreesboro, we frequently get asked about hiring trends. But the past two years have been very hard to predict what will happen next. There are some hints that we can speak to given what we’ve seen throughout the pandemic. Here’s a tentative look at hiring trends for the coming year.    

Remote recruiting is here to stay

It has become apparent, through necessity alone, that more jobs can be done remotely now than we ever thought possible. That includes the job of recruiting. So much of the job search process has already moved online, but you should think about how you can bring in more diverse and skilled candidates by completely embracing remote recruiting. That means moving most interviews from in-person to video chat. It means doing a little more research on candidates before you bring them in the door. But the fact is that teams can stay connected through these digital channels. If you don’t embrace digital transformation, you can be sure your competitors will.  

Proactive recruiters win the talent war

Interviewing a few candidates who are not in a rush to come on board right away can reduce the pressure on the hiring end. This gives you the opportunity to be strategic in your planning. You can better understand how candidates would fit your needs in the position, engage in multiple layers of interviews and evaluations, and have time on your side during salary negotiations. This more strategic hiring process is generally easier and less rushed for both parties, the employee and the employer, which allows both sides to fully commit to the change in relationship. 

Your employer brand and online reputation is everything

Even if you are working with a staffing agency to identify and recruit industry leading talent, your social media presence is still critical to your staffing success. To build or improve your reputation online, start by making sure you are more in control of the conversation. Engage constructively with customers and job seekers through your social media channels. Create well-branded profiles with thoughtful and representative content to attract and retain the attention of your audience. Make sure you engage with your fans, respond in a timely fashion, and act as though your Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and LinkedIn pages are an extension of your own webpage. 

Consider whether flexible schedules are an option you can offer

As more companies have figured out how to make remote work effective, employees also come to expect more flexibility from their schedules. It all comes down to the level of trust your company puts in employees. Suppose your recruiters are willing to work with candidates around flexible schedules or remote work options. In that case, your company will earn a stronger reputation for positive work-life balance and trust in employees. These simple adjustments can make all the difference.    

There has never been a better time to partner with a staffing expert

Recruiters are indispensable as a hiring resource. They are your best bet for finding talent quickly and efficiently. A reliable talent pipeline and deep industry connections pave the way for a smooth hiring process. They have a complete understanding of the industry and what your company needs from candidates. They are indeed the key to success in the modern era of work. 

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