Why Accepting a Temp job is a Good Career Move


While temporary work may not be ideal for everyone in all situations, there are times when it might be the best career move you can make. Temping offers employees a way to try out new companies, new roles, expand their networks, work in more flexible schedules, and so much more. The benefits of accepting a temporary job might be more than you are aware of. Here are just a few things you might want to consider if temp work is on the table.  

Temping as the New Normal 

Companies rely on staffing services to recruit top industry talent. For them, the benefits of using external recruiters include reduced costs associated with hiring and better hires. The availability of temporary, temp-to-hire, hourly, and contract positions is on the rise. These positions offer companies assurances that they have the best team members working for them without taking a hit on recruiting costs. Temps are easier to hire, and generally less expensive if things don’t work out in the long run.  

As companies are gaining more confidence in the market, they may swing back to normal hiring practices but after a prolonged recession and a slow rebound like the one we have experienced, many companies have come to appreciate the benefits of short-term hiring practices and the conveniences of using staffing firms. What that means for you as a candidate is that the likelihood of finding a job through a staffing firm may continue to be better than going it alone for many years to come.  

Making the Job Hunt Easier 

While many companies have recognized the benefits of working with staffing firms, many candidates have also seen the effectiveness and convenience such firms offer them. Job hunting is difficult, particularly for those without a strong professional network or the time to invest in hitting the pavement themselves. By working with a staffing firm, candidates benefit from the professional network and corporate relationships already in use by the firm. Think of it as a two way street. The companies are looking for the best hires, and the candidates are looking for the best jobs. Staffing firms are the clever matchmakers who are able to make the right connections for their clients and candidates.  

Finding the Best Fit 

Only you know what kind of job will be the best fit for you. Whether you are looking for full-time employment or contract work, a staffing firm has the knowledge and client base to match you up with the right position based on your availability, interests, experience, and credentials. Maybe you know you need a bit more experience or training before you can land your dream job. A staffing firm can help place you in a temporary position where you will gain that experience you need without the trouble of extracting yourself from a long-term position (which can make you look bad to future employers). It’s all about finding the best fit for you. 

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