How to Find a Second job


People look for second jobs for many reasons. Whether kids are back in school, the holidays or coming up, or just to save up for a rainy day or vacation fund, a second job can help you dramatically increase your take-home pay.  Whatever your reason, finding a second job can be challenging.  Here are some tips to get you started.   

Search Online 

A second job can take many different shapes. Many people find success with freelancing or taking on multiple contracts, depending on what makes sense for their schedule. A great place to start searching for work, of course, is the internet. Local job boards and websites like LinkedIn make it easy to search for work in your area and find the job that makes sense for your experience and skill set. Searching for a second job looks a little different than looking for a first job, so consider adding keywords for the type of work you’re looking for to help focus your search.  

Leverage Your Network 

Your professional network and your personal network are the most powerful tool in any job search. Ask around for recommendations or referrals to help quickly identify opportunities and get your foot in the door. If you say that you’re looking for something specific, your network will often keep an eye out for you and make a recommendation if they hear of an opening that might be a good fit for you.  

Consider A Different Shift 

Shift work is a great way to fit in a second job into an already busy schedule. Taking late shifts can help you earn extra money while making sure you still have time for the things you already do daily. Also consider taking seasonal work, if you are looking for something short term to help earn a little extra money for the near term.  

Partner With A Staffing Agency 

While many companies have recognized the benefits of working with staffing firms, many candidates have also seen the effectiveness and convenience such firms offer them. Job hunting is difficult, particularly for those without a strong professional network or the time to invest in hitting the pavement themselves. By working with a staffing firm, candidates benefit from the professional network and corporate relationships already in use by the firm. Think of it as a two-way street. The companies are looking for the best hires, and the candidates are looking for the best jobs. Staffing firms are the clever matchmakers who can make the right connections for their clients and candidates. 

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