How to Hashtag Your Jobs


Recruiting online is a strategic process. Knowing what your ideal candidate is looking for in their job search is the quickest way to help them find their way to you. Using social media hashtags for your recruitment marketing to ensure your jobs are getting maximum exposure. Here’s a crash course on navigating social media in your recruiting efforts.  

Create A Branded Online Presence 

Recruiting has changed dramatically in the modern age. Digital recruiting tools such as social media and mobile applications have completely revolutionized how candidates apply for jobs. Job boards are now online, and without that digital presence, you may as well not be hiring at all. That means having a webpage with active job listings, and having a presence on social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others.  

Don’t just have a profile, be active on these channels. Make your company appear like the industry thought leader they are, and assure prospective candidates that they would be applying to work for a company with a great culture and engaged employees. This all can come across in your online content. Candidates are search the web for jobs like yours. Make sure they’re finding you easily, and that they like what they see. 

The Purpose of Hashtags 

Hashtags serve the purpose of identifying keywords for both your prospective talent to search and find you and also for you to brand your online presence. Using the # before a unique keyword can help increase discovery online and make you stand out as an employer who understands social media and how younger generations of talent are connecting with employers.  

Creating a Unique Hashtag 

Consider developing a unique hashtag for your recruiting purposes that no other employer is using. This hashtag can be a tag line, or motto, or even a made-up word. The key is that it needs to be reflective of who you are as a company, and that it will be something unlikely that other companies would use.  

Tapping Into Existing Hashtags 

Doing some research can be helpful. Look into what hashtags are helping candidates find jobs in their specific field or location. Using your own hashtags is good. Using other relevant hashtags is even better. Hashtags are how people search for content on social media. So put yourself into the mindset of a candidate who is looking for work, what would they search for? Consider using hashtags like #NashvilleWarehouseJobs or #HiringinTennessee as good places to start.  

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