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Why Temping is a Great Idea


Interested in temp work? It might not be your first choice for a new job, but temporary contracts are growing in popularity for both employers and employees. It makes sense. As a job seeker, you should consider working for a staffing agency and leverage temporary work as a real career solution (for long-term or short-term work). Here are several reasons why temping is a great idea and can really help drive your career forward.  

Job Placement 

Employers are reducing their full-time hiring, but they are certainly not reducing their need for skilled talent—quite the opposite, in fact. The need for temporary talent is only increasing. But those top companies generally don’t post jobs to the standard career sites (including Monster, Indeed, etc.), especially for short-term contracts. They work through a staffing agency, so those opportunities are only available through a recruiter. When you work with a recruiter, you are better connected with job opportunities that are real and in need of filling.

That partnership is really valuable to you as a candidate. You can count on recruiters to work with you to find the right fit. It is in their best interest to stay in communication with you and make sure that you are happy with the job placement or opportunities they are sending your way. That level of support isn’t something you would likely experience when applying independently, so make sure you don’t take that partnership for granted.   

A Trial Period 

Just as employers find a compelling benefit of hiring temporary staff in the “try before you buy” rationale, contractors reap the same benefits. They have the opportunity to feel out their new boss, their new coworkers, the new work environment, and culture before committing themselves long-term.  

Almost half of employers hire temporary workers intending to bring them on full-time. That is an excellent opportunity for contractors to learn more about whether they want to become full-time employees within a specific role or with a specific company before taking the leap. Using temporary employment as a trial period is a good way to ensure the job is the right fit for your career goals and personal preferences. Plus, that foot in the door is often just what you need to prove your worth to an employer.  

Skill Building 

The skills gap is cited as one of the biggest barriers to hiring for employers. But if they know you already have the skills they’re looking for to bring you on board full time, you are several steps ahead of the competition. Think you have some room to grow your skills? Temporary work is the perfect opportunity to learn something new and put your skills to the test. In fact, while many employers say they struggle to find the perfect candidates, hiring temporary employees provides them with the opportunity to nurture the skills they need in the right talent. 

Networking Opportunities

Just as temping is a great chance to build skills or get your foot in the door, it’s also a powerful strategy in helping to build a more robust professional network. If you are new to a field or fresh out of school, your professional network needs all the support it can get. You are naturally growing your network by meeting new professionals and making meaningful connections with coworkers on your temporary assignments. Those connections may be exactly what you need to find the long-term opportunities for your future career.  

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