Are Your Jobs Still Going Unfilled?


What is the solution to fill your open jobs right now? The challenge of finding the right talent for your open headcount is real. The job market is hyper-competitive, and sometimes candidates don’t have the right incentives to go back to work. Some individuals don’t even have that choice, with schools fluctuating between in-person and virtual learning and all the other modern life complications.  

But to keep your business running, you need to hire. And that means you need to drive more applicants to your openings. So here are a few considerations to make to help increase your odds.  

Rethink What Competitive Means to You 

Are you competitive within the job market? When was the last time you actually scoped out the competition? If you are getting applicants but struggling to land new hires, compensation might be the problem. Consider offering a higher pay rate to encourage good talent to come work for you. And keep in mind, you are also currently competing with unemployment benefits due to COVID. Consider offering a hiring bonus at 30, 60, or 90 days to make sure your staff are willing to stick around.  

When possible, consider offering flexible remote work for office positions. Many more companies have found out how to make it work post-pandemic and their employees are not going back if they can help it. If you aren’t willing to be more flexible with those roles that can be done from home, that will not work in your favor right now. To be competitive, you need to be more flexible than ever before.  

Prioritize the Safety of Your Teams 

Committing to safety looks different than it did before the pandemic. Make PPE readily available for those workers who want it, and describe how your company is working to protect the community and the team from COVID-19. Many people are still hesitant to go back to “normal” in the workplace. Show that you understand the risk and are taking action to mitigate those risks. 

Be Willing to Give People a Chance 

Now is frankly not the best time to be too choosey with your hiring. By eliminating potential candidates due to a lack of experience or specific qualifications, you could be missing out on a real all-star. Many things can be taught or picked up on the job. Instead, hire on potential. Know what sort of personality or general skill set will be most successful in the role, and look for those eager to learn.  

Work with a Recruiter 

The single best way to find and win over the talent you need is by working with an experienced staffing partner.  The talent pipeline they have worked hard to develop is key in lining up interested and capable candidates quickly and effectively. Just posting a job description online these days could get you a landslide of random applicants. But by working with a staffing partner like All-Star, you can find the needle in the haystack and fill those open roles more effectively.

If you are interested in learning more about working with staffing agencies in Murfreesboro, TN, connect with the team at All-Star Personnel today.

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